Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not on this list, just contact us

Every tour is personally delivered by both our trip leaders, who will be your tour guides and trip leaders respectively. Along with this, if required you will be accompanied by a mechanic and a driver. Here is an intro to our team.

Select a tour you want to participate in and then email us with your requirements. Once everything is finalized, you can wire 50% of the tour amount to our bank account and the rest 50% will need to be given once you are here for the tour.

For more details on cancellations and refunds, please click here.

The choice is entirely yours. Once you contact us we can provide you with a list of motorcycles from brands such as Royal Enfield, Bajaj, KTM, BMW, Hero, Honda etc. Pricing will depend on the motorcycle youselect.

Well not really. Things might not be as organized or developed as we would want them to be, but riding here is perfectly safe. This is why we give you one day to get used to riding in India before you set out on the tour. We also have a carefully curated list of best practices for traveling on Indian roads and you can read them here and here.

Yes, the second day of your arrival in India will be spent riding on the roads here, getting used to the traffic and the motorcycle.

You can use your own international number, although we wouldn’t recommend that. In India, we can help you get an Airtel, Jio or Vodafone number and the monthly plans cost about $2.

We encourage our guests to experience the local cuisines of the destinations we travel to. In remote areas, we might not get options for eating different cuisines. We will ensure you get wholesome, tasty and hygienic food wherever we go. If you are from outside India, here’s a guide to get you going.

Yes, it’s better to as we might not have access to clean, filtered drinking everywhere.

We try to blend in homestays, hotels, and resorts in each destination to balance comfort with the local experiences. All your accommodations will be clean, hygienic, comfortable and safe.

No, we have back-up vehicles on all our tours that will carry your luggage for you. But you should carry your valuables like a passport, cash, camera, and other important equipment with you all the time. If you like, we can provide you with some.

While riding, we should have access to public toilets/hotel toilets. But there will instances where there are none and you will have to answer nature’s call in nature.

Yes, you can, and for pillion riders, we have a reduced tariff. This is applicable for foreign tourists and for Indian tourists where we provide the motorcycle.

Ideally, your pillion should be riding with you on your motorcycle. But occasionally, they can travel in the back-up vehicle. Back-up vehicles are primarily for support staff and to carry your luggage, motorcycle spares, and tools. Each back-up vehicle acts as a support vehicle and will always tail the group maintaining a certain time distance.

Different countries and companies have their own policies, but you should pick one that covers you for your entire period of travel. The policy should also cover you for riding motorcycles, unexpected curtailment of the holiday, medical expenses arising overseas, loss or damage to luggage & property and personal liability claims against the participant and emergency evacuation. We highly recommend this for foreign citizens.

We carry a basic first aid box with us and encourage you to carry your own medicines as well. In case of an emergency, we take you to the closest available medical center. We would also request you to share any pre-existing medical conditions and allergies, if any with us.

Yes, and apart from having the motorcycles insured, we will also be providing you their registration and pollution compliance certificates.

Yes, you should meet your doctor and he would be the best judge on the precautions you need to take depending on your medical history.

Most of your expenses are covered when you book your tour with us. However, you might need cash for personal expenses, incidentals, shopping etc. You can exchange money while you are in India and when you are here we can help you with the amount and exchange. We do not take any commission for this.

Yes, unless we are traveling to very remote locations. In that case, we will ensure you withdraw sufficient cash during the trip.