Payment Policies

Payment Methods

Currently, we do not have an integrated payment gateway on the website, and while we are working on this you can make payments via the following methods. Unless specified otherwise, we usually take 50% of the package amount initially to cover a part of our booking costs and the rest 50% is to be paid 45 days before the trip commencement date.

  1. Online bank to bank transfer - Once you have selected your tour, we will share our bank account details with you and you can wire the funds to our account.
  2. PayPal - Please email us to get our PayPal ID
  3. Cash - The initial booking amount has to be paid online but the rest of the 50% can be paid in cash if required. We also accept gratuities in cash.
  4. For Indian customers, we accept direct transfers on Google Pay. Once you finalize your trip plans with us, we will share our Google Pay number for the 50% advance payment.

For transfers online, any additional charges arising out of the payment will have to be borne by you.

Booking Policy

At the time when the participant registers with Moto Overlanders in respect of any tour, he/she binds himself/herself in a legal Tour Contract with Moto Overlanders. The registration for any Tour shall be effective only upon acceptances of the Terms and Conditions contained herein. The Tour Contract shall be accepted only after a written confirmation from Moto Overlanders.

The Participant can book his/her tour by paying the booking amount mentioned on the tour page. The balance amount will have to be paid 45 days before the day of commencement of the tour. If the participant fails to pay the balance amount at least 45 days prior to the day of commencement of the tour, Moto Overlanders reserve their right to cancel the booking & any booking amount paid as and by way of advance, shall stand forfeited.

After booking the tour, in case the participant wants to cancel the Tour Booking, Moto Overlanders will pay refunds according to the schedules mentioned below. The Participant may transfer his/her booking in favour of someone else up to 60 days prior to the day of commencement of the Tour. The Transferee shall satisfy any and all conditions which may apply to the Tour booked by the Participant and shall be bound by all the Terms and Conditions contained herein. The Participant shall apply for the transfer in writing and provide the complete details of the Transferee. Any balance amount payable by the Participant must be paid before the Transfer is completed.

If a Participant is denied entry into India for any reason whatsoever, then Moto Overlanders will not be liable to refund the amounts paid by the Participant with respect to the Tour.

If the participant fails to arrive at the specified time and date of the Tour, then Moto Overlanders shall not be liable to refund the amounts paid by the Participant. Moto Overlanders shall also not be liable to the Participant a repeat Tour. In case the participants fail to complete the Tour or leaves before the completion of the Tour for any reason, the Participant will be liable to make his/her own arrangements with respect to transportation, lodging, and motorcycle return, etc., at his/her own expense, unless prior arrangements have been made with Moto Overlanders.

Force Majeure

Moto Overlanders shall be released from all obligations under the Tour Contract, if the Tour is cancelled on ground of Force Majeure i.e. exceptional and unforeseeable events and consequences thereof beyond the control and influence of Moto Overlanders and which could not have been avoided despite of due care, diligence and caution exercised by Moto Overlanders. Force Majeure includes but is not limited to floods, earthquakes, cyclones, other natural disasters, political unrests, epidemics, strikes, war or situations similar to war, etc.

Moto Overlanders reserve their right to change the itinerary or tour route which may include shortening, varying or re-routing the Tour without any prior intimation or notice on the ground of Force Majeure before or after the commencement of the Tour. Moto Overlanders will try to divert/modify the route in case of any natural calamity. Due to the nature of the tour, unforeseen events or circumstances can delay the tour schedule. Any actions taken by Moto Overlanders will be dependent on the nature of the delay or event.

In case the participant chooses not to accept the alternative route offered to the participant and not to participate in the tour, either on the same date or the alternative date, no other recompense will be offered from Moto Overlanders.

In case Moto Overlanders cancels a Tour on the ground of Force Majeure, Moto Overlanders will try to offer an alternate Tour to the participant. If the same is not acceptable to the Participant, Moto Overlanders shall refund all amounts paid by the Participant in respect of the Tour. However, Moto Overlanders will not be liable to refund or compensate any incidental expenses incurred by the participant with regards to the Tour booked.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

For every tour, once you confirm, we engage with hotels, bike rental agencies, and other vendors to confirm their services on the tour dates. And in some cases, we make some advance payments to our vendors that are often nonrefundable. Hence, once you initiate a refund, we might hold back a little portion of the booking amount. Details are mentioned below.

  • Cancellation within 45 to 60 days before trip commencement - 20% booking amount will be retained by us.
  • Cancellation within 30 to 45 days of trip commencement date - 50% of the booking amount will be retained by us.
  • Cancellation within 30 days of the trip commencement date - 80% of the booking amount will be retained by us as we would have made considerable amounts of payments to our partners.
  • Cancellation during the tour - 100% amount gets forfeited since we would have already made payments to vendors.
  • Please note - Any payment gateway/bank charges will need to be borne by the customer and the amount will be deducted from the refund amount.