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The gateway to Northeast India, Assam is known for its wildlife reserves of elephants and rhinoceroses, a colorful culture, vibrant heritage, and the untamed Brahmaputra river. Adorned with lush green paddy fields and manicured tea gardens, the state is framed by snowcapped mountains of Arunachal and the green highlands of Meghalaya. Our Assam tours include visiting diverse cultural sites like Haflong and Tezpur.

The Assam tours culminate in your participation in the colorful Bihu festival, gorging on fresh fish and exploring stunning landscapes. The highlight of our Assam guided tour is your participating in the vibrant Bihu festival, gorging on fresh fish, and exploring the stunning landscapes across the state.

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Best Season:October to March
Popular Destinations: Majuli, Guwahati, Haflong

Assam Tours

Home to the mighty Brahmaputra River